Hinoki is your local Japanese grocery and sushi bar in the heart of Fitzroy, Smith Street – Melbourne.

Sushi bar

Hinoki Sushi Bar offers take home premium sushi. We also customise platters for events and other special occasions.

Come instore or order online for all your sushi needs.

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Japanese Pantry

Hinoki Japanese Pantry offers a large selection of authentic Japanese ingredients, snacks, drinks and other food related products. As well as Japanese pantry basics such as mirin, soy sauce, dashi, we also stock unique Japanese ingredients sought after by chefs and gourmet home cooks alike.

Fancy a plum wine or sake? We also stock a large selection of beers, wines, sake and spirits direct from Japan.

Please come in and visit us to see our whole range.

In the meantime, here are our top 6 unique finds in store right now

Kikusui Genshu Sakamai Junmai Daiginjyo 720ml

This Junmai Daiginjyo from Niigata, represents the pinnacle of the brewer’s art. With rice milled down to 40% of its original size then fermented slowly at low temperatures, this sake has a rich aroma and gentle crisp dryness. Beautifully presented, Kikusui Sakamai Daiginjyo is an ideal gift or one to savour for a special occasion.


Morita Shiro Shoyu 300ml

The rare white soy sauce is light in colour and clearer and thinner than standard dark soy sauce. Shiro Shoyu can be used in sauces and seasonings without darkening their colour making it ideal to flavour refined dishes such as clear broths and pickles.


Momoya Karasoude Karakunai Sukoshi Karai Layu 100g

Literally translated, seems hot but it isn’t, although it is a little bit hot, this Layu (Chili oil) is a delicious condiment. With crispy fried onion and garlic bits, this condiments is great with ramen, vegetables, gyoza dumplings and anything that requires a friendly chilli pop!

Hinoki Yuzujam 60 – Moribun Yuzu Jam 180g

This is a delicious jam made with the Japanese yuzu fruit. Slices of preserved yuzu peel and zesty juice give this jam its distinct flavour and well balanced acidity and sweetness makes it an ideal condiments at breakfast. 



Japanese craft gin is here! …

Jyuwari Soba

Gluten Free premium soba noodle. 100% buckwheat

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